Hi! I am Greg, founder of WebbyGo, an Internet Marketing Business based in Agrinio, Western Greece, and I design and develop beautiful and functional websites and e-shops.

This page is under construction, but you may visit some of my work made with love and passion for my clients.


About Me

A hardworking father who loves to design, develop and bake sweets for my beloved partner. A perfectionist who pays a lot of attention to detail and crafts each pixel with extreme care.

Microsoft Certified Web Developer with 10+ years of experience in web design. Comprehensive experience with Visual Design, Typography, Responsive and Mobile Web & Custom CMS design in E-commerce and B2B niches. Redesigned an international client website resulting in 40% increase in conversions.

Provided effective and functional web designs to company that met their specific business/personal needs.

  • Developed graphic images and effects to achieve design goals
  • Worked directly with client to establish project scope, interaction guidelines, and project time lines
  • Provided competitive market analysis on the e-commerce site and proposed suggestions to the design and available functionality
  • Performed routine updates, upgrades and overall maintenance of website
  • Ensured accuracy of website content by thoroughly editing and cross-checking

New technologies mean customers expectations evolve, in order to meet these ever-growing expectations, businesses are delivering more intricate digital experiences. What may have once survived as an off-line identity now needs a digital stage to reach users.


Worked with clients as owner of WebbyGo and as Occupied Senior Developer.

Get in Touch

I offer a one stop shop for all your creative needs. Packed with dedication and discipline, you and I will enjoy working together.

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